1999 Nanny of the Year

Nicole Fossiano
1999 Nanny of the Year after receiving her award!

The 1999 Nominees for "Nanny of the Year"
As nominated by their employer's.
Nicole Fossiano 1999 "Nanny of the Year"
w/Yvette Ruffin 1997 "Nanny of the Year"
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Tracy Scorpio
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Marion Worline
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Sally McFarlane
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Inna Gasina
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Past "Nanny of the Year" Award Winners!
1998 Jessica Daniels
1997 Yvette Ruffin
1996 Merle Kasler

Each year Professionalnanny.com recognizes those nannies that have worked tirelessly caring for the children in their charge. Parents are asked to complete a "Nanny of the Year" nomination form which evaluates the nanny's performance in several crucial areas.

While the Nanny who is recognized, as Nanny of the Year is very special, as much recognition is given to each nanny who is nominated.

The Nanny of the Year nomination addresses the fact that in order to perform effectively as a Professional Nanny, an individual must possess certain key characteristics.

Among them are the:

Last year, for the first time, children were asked to nominate their nannies.
Click here to see some of the children's nomination forms.

Nominate your favorite nanny to become Professionalnanny.com' next

Nanny of the Year

(All Nominees' are honored at the Professionalnanny.com Awards Ceremony)

Write a letter of Nomination & include the following information:

Content of Nomination letter should include:
The nominee's ability to:
(examples are helpful)

For Kids Only

Children can draw a picture about their nanny, Use a cassette recorder & tell us a story about their nanny, or write a letter.

Please fax your Nomination to Professionalnanny.com 508-650-8878, or mail it to;

Two Summer Street
Suite 14
Natick, Ma 01760

The Nominee will be notified of her nomination & invited to attend the Nanny Awards Ceremony to receive this recognition. You will also be contacted with information about attending the Awards Ceremony. The Nanny of the Year is announced at the Awards Ceremony. Prior to the notification, you may stay informed regarding dates & times as they are announced in the Professionalnanny.com Newsletter, published on this site.

Children's Recommendation Forms

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