Certification as a Professionalnanny.com Certified Nanny (PNCN) is granted by Professionalnanny.com at the annual Nanny Awards Ceremony. Professionalnanny.com (formerly QANNA) certification is the only internationally recognized certification for nannies other than the National Nursery Nurses Board (NNEB) certification, which originated in Europe.

Certificates of “completion”are granted per Segment.

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Completion of the entire Program earns the nanny to right to place the title; PNCN, Professionalnanny.com Certified Nanny after her name. Each PNCN’s academic record is kept on file at Professionalnanny.com and Professionalnanny.com can be used by the PNCN at any time in the future as a reference for her academic record, which are kept in our archives indefinitely.

Grants Awarded by Qanna

Professionalnanny.com (formerly Quality Assurance Network of Nanny Agencies) awards grants of up to $250.00 to nannies within the Professionalnanny.com Network who complete the Program and attend the graduation/awards ceremony. Stipulations are that they must participate in the online training/inservice on a regular basis and be currently CPR certified. The purpose of this grant is to reward those nannies that are diligent enough to seriously pursue their continuing education.

Answers to commonly asked questions about the Professional Nanny Training & Certification Program

How long does it take to complete the Program?
It takes most nannies about six months to complete the sixteen Segments. It is possible to complete it sooner for those who wish to attend double sessions (twice weekly)
How long is each class?
Approximately one and one half to two hours, depending on the size of the particular class.
How often are classes held?
Currently, classes are held twice weekly on Monday evenings at 7:30pm and on Friday mornings at 10am. Nannies can attend one or both weekly. Class schedules are subject to change.
Is there a time limit for completing the classes once I start?
No, you can take as long as you like to complete the program, however segment exam results are only recognized for one calendar year from the time you sat for the exam. If you do not finish the Program within one calendar year, Segment exams must be retaken in order to earn PNCN status. Also, there may be limitations imposed by others, e.g. your employer, or if you are planning to request a grant from Professionalnanny.com (see Grant information on preceding page).
What is the cost?
The cost is $650.00 for the entire Program to earn the QCPN title, or $65.00 per Segment. Special rates apply to Professionalnanny.com nannies. Professionalnanny.com nannies are also eligible for a grant upon completion (certain attendance restrictions apply).
What do I need to bring with me to class?
A pen and paper for taking notes and the “Manual”. The Professionalnanny.com Orientation Binder is also helpful, for certain Segments.
Are there any other expenses besides tuition?
Yes, the Professional Nanny Complete in-home Childcare Manual is the required text for the Program. A discounted rate of $25.00 applies to nannies. It can be purchased at class, as available.
When are Segment Exams taken?
Exams are taken per segment and a nanny may request to sit for an exam at anytime from one week of completing the specific segment (including any independent work required). All exams must be completed, or retaken within one calendar year. Contact the Training Coordinator at Professionalnanny.com for exam appointments.
What if I fail a Segment Exam?
If you fail an exam once, you may retake it after two weeks of taking it initially. If you fail a second time you must attend and participate in that segment again.
Must I attend every class?
In order to sit for the Segment exam, you must attend all of the classes. The schedule of classes is designed as a “Cycle-sequence” to accommodate the busy lifestyle of the nanny, with two classes per week usually scheduled. Classes are held in the evening and also in the morning. Children are welcome at the day classes. Childcare is available, however we do allow the children to come in and out of the classroom if they wish.
May I attend a class more than once if I would like to?
Yes, you are welcome at every class to brush up on skills.
Can I get college credit for attending?
It depends on the college you apply to. Many students have received college credit for our classes. Naturally if you decide to become an architect, the Segments will not be transferable. The general rule of thumb is, if the admitting college has similar course offerings to what is offered in our Program your work with us may be granted credit at the next college you attend. Ask the Training Coordinator for a “College Credit Request Pak”.
What is the student/teacher ratio?
It is subject to change as this is a “Cycle-sequence” Program. Roughly 10:1
How do I describe the Program on my resume?
Upon successful completion of each Segment, you can list the PROFESSIONAL NANNY TRAINING & CERTIFICATION PROGRAM on your resume. Under the Program name you would put; Coursework, under that you would list the segments you have completed. Once you have completed the entire program successfully, you would place the title PNCN, which stands for Professionalnanny.com Certified Nanny after your name. For future employers or schools requiring a curriculum copy, you may request a “College Credit Request Pak” from the Training Coordinator.
What can I expect to gain from attending this Program?
An education places job candidates in not only a higher price range, but it also separates them from the vast majority of candidates who have never had the initiative to pursue an education. It is especially true in the area of childcare that many people feel that training is unnecessary. The same was once true for nurses. Nursing was at one time considered “dirtywork” which only the “unskilled” pursued. Like Professional Nurses, the role of the Professional Nanny is undergoing a cultural change. Parent’s today who are paying the high salaries want VALUE for the dollars they are spending. Nanny job candidates who feel that they have “nothing to learn”, or who feel that they already possess the basic knowledge base are avoided by many potential high-paying employers. This is probably true because the last thing a parent wants is a nanny who may feel that her role as the child’s caregiver is not important enough to require education.

There is always something new to learn as child development is being researched continually. By attending this Program you will achieve the knowledge base necessary to save a life if you need to. You will learn how to prevent an infant from suffering teething pain. You will know how to build a child’s self-esteem using non-evaluative praise. With another care-practice you could prevent a school-age child who has had a “second” tooth knocked out from losing that tooth permanently. You will most definitely command a higher salary down the road, provided you practice what you learn in the Professional Nanny Training & Certification Program. You will be able to take pride in the accomplishment of earning your QCPN.

There is so much to learn, with new research coming out everyday.

We believe in education for nannies because we believe that no job could EVER be more important than helping to shape a child’s development.

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